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The CAP Cadet Program is for youth aged 12 to 20.  Through their CAP experience, cadets develop into responsible citizens and leaders. The Cadet Program is not just fun and rewarding, it challenges cadets to develop the self-discipline, strong character, and team spirit they will need to become tomorrow's aerospace leaders.

Five elements comprise the overall Cadet Program: leadership, aerospace education, physical fitness, character development, and activities. As cadets participate in the five program elements and complete progression requirements, they advance through a series of sixteen achievements, earning honors and increased responsibilities along the way.

  •  Leadership Cadets develop leadership skills through classroom education and hands-on training. Older, ranking cadets plan and conduct a significant portion of their own program, under the guidance of adult CAP volunteers. The program emphasizes Air Force perspectives on leadership. 

  •  Aerospace Education Cadets develop a love for aviation by studying air and space in the classroom and experiencing the wonder of flight in the cockpit of CAP aircraft. The curriculum teaches cadets both the scientific principles that enable flight, as well as the history and importance of air and space technology.

  •  Physical Fitness Cadets are encouraged to develop a lifelong habit of  exercise. The Cadet Program promotes fitness through activities such as hiking, obstacle courses, volleyball competitions, and other activities. To progress in the Cadet Program, cadets must pass physical fitness tests.

  •  Character Development Cadets participate in character development forums, where they apply CAP's Core Values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect to ethical issues affecting teens. Additionally, through the Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) program, cadets and their adult leaders promote a drug-free ethic, and encourage others to follow their lead.

  •  Activities Cadets make new friends through weekend and summer cadet activities that reinforce the four program elements described above. National Cadet Special Activities are conducted each summer to introduce cadets to career opportunities in aerospace industry and the Air Force.


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